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Unmanned Systems Australia Pty Ltd

CASA Unmanned Operating Certificate Number 1-11LN0P-01

CASA approved Multi-Use Listed Aviation Safety Contractor and Consultant Number 06/829-26


Unmanned Systems Australia Pty Ltd provide Consulting and Training Services in the area of unmanned aerial, maritime and land systems.  We provide a turn-key consulting, equipment and training solution for those seeking to enter the Unmanned Systems market.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Unmanned Systems Australia capitalizes on over 22 years experience in Unmanned and Autonomous Systems across a variety of fields.

The staff at Unmanned Systems Australia has extensive experience working with Government Agencies and are keen to help your business capitalise on the significant increase in the number and type of unmanned systems that are entering the market place.  We provide an objective view of the best solution for your needs and then assist you in developing and delivering that capability.

Recent news

Work on Google [x] Project Wing Announced

Unmanned Systems Australia announces that is has been working with a Google [X] team under Project Wing for over 10 months on the development of their aerial delivery system.  For more information see here.

Click on the photo above for the you tube video

Joint Venture with UVS Pty Ltd announced to Market Unmanned Maritime Systems  

Unmanned Systems Australia announces that it has agreed with UVS to jointly market Maritime Unmanned Systems.  Unmanned Systems Australia Pty Ltd is a UAS consulting and training services company that assist companies understand and enter the Unmanned Systems market.  The joint marketing of unmanned maritime systems is the first of many jointly marketed products by Unmanned Systems Australia designed to help companies market their products to a growing unmanned systems environment across various domains.  The combination of both Aerial and Maritime Unmanned Systems is the first step in exploring a significant increase in potential for unmanned systems to operate across the vast Australian land and maritime territorial areas.

See more details here.  For a list of Maritime Systems see here.  For a complete list of UVS Pty Ltd products see here.

CASA Approved Operating Certificate for UAV operations

Unmanned Systems Australia is proud to announce their approval for operations of VTOL UAV systems up to 20 kg in Australia.  CASA has approved the application for Unmanned Systems Australia under license number 1-11LN0P-01. Mr Phil Swinsburg, the Managing Director of Unmanned Systems Australia, says "We know that the UAV industry will continue to expand and there are a lot of new projects that we continue to be involved in. The approval for UAV operations in Australia will allow the company to meet the expanding demands for our clients.  We will continue to expand the types of UAV system that we are able to operate in the future and we also look forward to expanding our Drone partnership program".

Seeking Partners in Unmanned Systems

Unmanned Systems Australia is seeking like minded partners to become involved in the use of UAVs (or drones if you like !) for conservation and/or environmental purposes. We are seeking UAV hardware and software companies to provide their time and products on a voluntary basis to tackle some of the most challenging environmental/conservation problems in Australia and around the world.

If you are able to assist in this endeavour please contact Unmanned Systems Australia

See also: Drone for Good


Vienna, 28 February 2014 – During the entire Olympics Games – the XXII Winter Games and Paralympics – the CAMCOPTER® S-100 UAS Unmanned Aircraft System (in cooperation with JSC Gorizont Russia: Gorizont Air S-100) is operating in Sochi.

The CAMCOPTER® S-100 UAS is surveilling the area within approx. 50 kilometres from the seaside around the Olympic village. Here again, the S-100 confirms its reputation as ultramodern multi-purpose unmanned helicopter system which neither requires a take-off strip nor supporting launch or recovery equipment, and can be actively used both land and ship based.

S-100 CAMCOPTER ready for a security patrol at Sochi Olympic Games 2014S-100 CAMCOPTER flying at Sochi Olympic games

The system is designed for mobile and flexible implementation, which guarantees fast deployment. The technical characteristics of the system allow for the completion of necessary tasks within restricted space, such as in mountainous areas, and from maritime platforms or other structures. During the entire XXII Olympic Winter Games all the information from the S-100 unmanned helicopter was received in real-time, a feature that is made possible by means of interfacing of the UAV system with the unified safety control system of the Olympic Winter Games, and from March 7th the Paralympic Games.

More information about the S-100 CAMCOPTER see www.schiebel.net


Vienna, 11 February 2014 – The Italian Navy has selected the CAMCOPTER® S-100 UAS (Unmanned Air System) to provide support for its fleet, making it the first European Navy that has S-100 in operational use.

The CAMCOPTER® S-100 has already proven efficient to the Italian Navy as it was the first UAS ever to fly from an Italian ship, the ITS Bersagliere a Soldati Class frigate in April 2012. Being the UAS of choice, the unmanned helicopter will provide its increased operational ability to Italian Navy Commanders once again. The signed contract includes
a system, training, integration and spare parts.

With minimal physical, logistics and manpower footprint, the S-100 is especially effective at sea. The system will provide unique degrees of flexibility, versatility and persistence on board of Italian Navy ships employed in anti-piracy missions.


Hans Georg Schiebel, Chairman of the Schiebel Group of companies said, “The CAMCOPTER® S-100 continues to be a proven and highly sought after asset in maritime operations. Its ability to extend a ship commander’s visible and electronic horizon to beyond what is conventionally possible is a powerful instrument that helps to counter
possible threats, secure routes and control resources at less operational cost. This quality has already garnered the interest of several global navies where the S-100’s robust nature has proven effective, particularly in the unforgiving maritime environment.”

For more information see http://www.unmannedsystemsaustralia.com.au/latestnews/

Thanks for visiting us during the Pacific 2013 - International Fleet Review . 

For those that came by the Schiebel Stand at Pacific 2013, thank you very much.  On display, you would have seen the widely deployed Schiebel S-100 CAMCOPTER, but for the first time we displayed the combined capabilities of the Selex PICOSAR, Selex SAGE ESM and WESCAM MX-10 EO/IR camera.  This is the first time this aircraft has has been displayed like this and provides a significant force multiplier to any Navy, collecting across a variety of visual and electronic mediums.

Also on display was the S-100 CAMCOPTER deployed on board the Thales Commission II Yacht.  This demonstrated the small deployment requirement of the systems and the ease of deployment across a variety of even the most smallest vessels.  Some picture of the Yacht are below during the evening Harbour cruise.

For further information contact, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


S100 CAMCOPTER on Sydney harbour by night
S100 CAMCOPTER Sydney harbour cruise S100 CAMCOPTER in Sydney Harbour


Unmanned Systems Australia accepted by CASA as Aviation Safety Consultant

Unmanned Systems Australia is proud to announce that CASA’s has recently accepted Unmanned Systems Australia onto their Multi Use List for Aviation Safety Contractors and Consultants.  This will allow Unmanned Systems Australia to supply services as requested by CASA, with a speciality focus on Unmanned Systems.

The number of applications for Unmanned Operators Certificates continues to grow rapidly in Australia.  Helping CASA keep up with this supply and demand issue as well as ensuring safety compliance during the execution of Unmanned flight operations is a high priority.

For further information contact, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Unmanned Systems Australia accepted into RPDE Program

Unmanned Systems Australia has recently been accepted into the Rapid Prototyping Development and Evaluation (RPDE) Program as an Associate Participant within the Australian Department of Defence. The evaluation process to gain entry to the program was through an industry wide tendering process.  Unmanned Systems Australia was successful at their first attempt, offering expertise in the development of unmanned systems, ISR related services and robotics Research and Development.


 Unmanned Systems Australia supports Army with virtual UAS training

Another successful training support service was provided recently to the Australian Army by Unmanned Systems Australia, through Cubic Defence Australia, as part of their ongoing support to the Combat Training Center.  Unmanned Systems Australia provided personnel to coordinate UAS and ISR training activities coordinating virtual UAVs during the exercise.  Utilising a scene generation capability through the META Vr VRSG software, and creating planned and dynamic scenarios using the VBS Version 2 simulation program, Unmanned Systems Australia provided the synchronization of multiple UAVs in support of the activity objectives.

See more information here.


Unmanned Systems Australia announces agency agreement with Schiebel to market the S-100 CAMCOPTER

Unmanned Systems Australia has agreed to market the Schiebel S-100 CAMCOPTER, a Vertical Take off and Landing UAS in Australia and the region.  The S-100 CAMCOPTER has an endurance of up to 10hours and a range of over 180km, providing a real-time video surveillance capability.  The Aircraft can be fitted with a number of different sensors options making it suitable not only for observation and surveillance, but also for communication relay, mobile phone towersupplementation, and support to immediate disaster relief.  The Aircraft employs an automatic take-off and landing procedures and is in service with a number for countries overseas. Unmanned Systems Australia will be marketing this to the civil and commercial sectors, where the applications for this type of economicalinformation collection is vast. Potential markets include Mining exploration and asset protection, Agricultural monitoring, Coastal Surveillance, Scientific Research, Search and Rescue, Disaster Management, Fire monitoring, Policing and many others.  For more information about the Schiebel S-100 click here.


Unmanned Systems Australia assist in the delivery of Expeditionary UAS Runway (EUASR) 

Unmanned Systems Australia and FAUN TrackWay, combined efforts to develop and produce a UAS Runway for the Australian Defence Forces Deployment to Afghanistan.  The product was a Landing mat modified from already proven products but re-engineered to accommodate arrestor hook and arrestor cable landing systems.  The system delivered was over 1000ft in length and over 50ft in width.

UAV landing mats such as this significantly reduce the environmental impact on military ranges and expedites the deployment of vital ISR capabilities into new area where the runway integrity may not have been assessed or where the runway is unreliable in parts due to damage.  The deployment of UAV landing mats also greatly extends the maintenance cycle for runway dependent aircraft, reducing the impact of stones, dirt and FOD.

For Information on how a Landing Mat can be tailored to your requirement, please contact Unmanned Systems Australia





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