Applications for Unmanned Systems

Unmanned Air (UAV), Ground (UGV), Surface (USV) and Underwater (UUV) vehicles are capable of many different application in the field of Law Enforcement, Environmental Monitoring, Disaster Relief and Recovery operations.  Systems can undertake routine and persistent surveillance or a nations internal and external borders as well as critical Oil and Gas infrastructure. Unmanned Systems Australia is able to tailor an application to your requirements.  Just some examples are included below, for more information please contact.


Law Enforcement

The applications for the employment of unmanned systems for policing is many.  These system are able to enhance situational awareness and force protection of officers in the field.  Examples include over-watch of vehicle checkpoint and search, situational awareness during hostage situations (close look through windows without risk), traffic monitoring, assistance in vehicle apprehension, crowd monitoring and control (with loudspeakers), disaster response and management, wide area detection of drug making facilities, drug crop detection, distributed video to ground patrols and HQ facilities simultaneously.

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Environmental Monitoring

UAV, UUV, USV and UGV are all capable of persistent and wide area environmental monitoring of the air, ground and water. UAV can monitor pollution in urban, rural and remote areas for scientific and industrial monitoring purposes.  UGV are able to enter pipe systems to monitor toxic waste and chemical or radio active material. USV are able to remain at sea or on river systems almost indefinitely , monitoring sea levels, temperature and pollution. UUV can roam the oceans almost indefinitely sampling the ocean and reporting in near real-time to scientific communities anywhere in the world.

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Emergency and Disaster Relief

The initial response to any disaster is critical in determining the success of the follow-on response.  Immediate overhead imagery showing the impact of the disaster (by day or night) is critical in being able to inform the first responders and the international community, to assist in the correct aid arriving as soon as possible.  During the recovery phase, UGV are able to enter destroyed building and search for trapped personnel using unique sensors.  Immediate response to CBNRE events also warrant a high use of unmanned system to ensure safety to first responder and the public.

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Border Security

The ability for unmanned systems to be used in border security application is already well documented and under-way in parts of the world. Unmanned system offer a vastly increased capability when compared to their manned equivalent. When used in conjunction with manned and unmanned surveillance platform the ability to greatly extend the coverage in existing location is greatly enhanced. Vertical Take off and Landing UAVs are ideally suited to maritime protection task , landing on ships or or land with maritime search radar and high fidelity day and nigh cameras.

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Critical Infrastructure Monitoring and Protection

The oil and gas industry in many countries represents a significant portion of the nation exports and wealth.  A terrorist or politically motivated attack on these facilities would have a significant impacts on the world market and national income.  Often the location of the oil and gas infrastructure in=s in remote areas, as such the use for unmanned systems make this an ideal and cost effective solution to enhanced security.  Port security is also vital to ensure that shipping remains free of stoppages and security related incidents.  Underwater monitoring systems are already in use in many ports around the world.

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Military Applications

The Unmanned Systems market has evolved from the application of military solutions.  Unmannned Systems Australia has deployed both mini and tactical UAVs into military applications in both Iraq and Afghanistan and is very familiar with emerging military and para-military requirements.  

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